Captain Kid is an almost brand new title from Aftershock Comics. This comic book is brought to us by writers Mark Waid ,Tom Peyer,and artist Tony Harris.The premise is that a middle aged man by the name of Chris has the amazing ability to become a much younger man with more superhuman abilities such as enhanced strength,unaided flight and remote viewing (think of the reverse of Shazam but you do not need to speak a word out loud).


Mark gives the reader bits and pieces of the story.We meet Captain Kid and the other main cast at his forty-ish age at a nightclub with his friends.They are all talking about his birthday and celebrating at the same time .A mysterious young woman appears and zaps Chris with a weird weapon to make him need to use the urinal so she can talk to him about his unusual situation as if she knows more about him than he knows about himself.The mystery woman mentioned he should investigate the man playing with the pinball machine so he follows him to a place of business where Captain Kid discovers something about the man and a rather large strange machine before being forced to leave the area to go home to see his dad.

The next day Chris gets unexpected help in finding out more about the machine and its intended use by its owner,the owner of a store selling lawn and garden supplies.He happens upon the machine shooting a beam of weird energy creating a monsoon.The monsoon damages the nearby bridge prompting Captain Kid to support the collapsing bridge.Unfortunately he does not know what he is doing so it starts to fall apart.A female superhero soon comes to his aid and they have a brief conversation.At one point in her providing her knowledge of the situation and a time limit as to saving the world Captain Kid gives he the bad news of it being far to late.