Please click here: Bits For Clicks .Black Eyed Kids (B.E.K.) is a comic book are created by writer Joe Pruett and artist Szymon Kudranski. They are joined by colorist Guy Major and Marshall Dillon with Francesco Francavilla doing the covers.This is being published by fledgling comic book publisher Aftershock.This is some of the scariest stories and art to ever been on a page.You will find some of the best writing,pencils,colors, and lettering in the industry today.There is a very dark mystery building up from the first panel of issue #1 until the last one of the latest book.Szymon and Guy provide the nightly desolate landscape to compliment Joe's bleak world of rampant death and growing dread.You will find yourself engulfed in this snowy nighttime nightmare of your most trusted loved ones reaching out with menacing intent,but you will want to find out more about what is happening.This is a great page turner but not for the faint of heart.


Three seemingly teen-aged boys are walking down an lonely street at night when they get near a dog who starts growling and barking at them.There is a yelping sound and then the dog is dead while the strange boys continue on their way.

At the same time a daughter is yelling for her mom to come and wake her brother who has walked into her room in the middle of the night saying 'THEY'RE COMING' in front of the girl's window.

Elsewhere a mysterious hooded young man goes into a convenience store and asks for a pack of cigarettes.There is one other customer there.The hooded figure kills both of them and waits outside for the police while smoking a cigarette. 

 The mother comes home with the groceries and asks her children for help with them.She goes through the house looking for them only to find her son looking like he is talking to two mysterious teenagers.She asks him about the boys but he denies it.Later that night tragedy strikes as the son murders his family.

A man gets a phone call and is told by the police the tragedy of his daughter in the hospital almost dead,his ex-wife and her husband murdered with his son missing. Immediately He and his wife rushes to the hospital to find out the extent of his daughters injuries with weapons in hand just in case...

Meanwhile an author by the name of Meredith had finished talking to a man who invited her to do signings and sell her book.She has a recurring dream of when she was a little girl in the company of neighbors being lead somewhere and a boy submerging himself in a pool of pure blackness She was heading for her car when she encountered two mysterious teen-aged boys.She asked them if they were hungry to which they replied 'starving'. The boys kidnap her and take her to their leader.The leader is in the body of a boy but he is something possibly ancient and very dangerous.He wants Meredith to chronicle the rise of his race to dominance,and intimates her freedom is at an end.She claims to have to go home for her laptop.She is allowed to go there,but is planning to make a break for freedom.The execution of her plan meets with utter failure.

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