please click here: Bits For Clicks. Second Sight was created and is also written by David Hine.The art is done by Alberto Ponticelli.The comic book is being published by rising star newcomer Aftershock Comics.The setting of this title is currently England today.The  story revolves around the adventures of our reluctant hero Ray Pilgrim.He has a power which even he does not know the inner workings.The way he activates his power is probably illegal.


The first two pages of issue #1 introduces the reader to who will most likely the main recurring villain.He dresses himself as a leather clad monster with real stolen teeth as a huge mouth.He sees Ray as a voyeur,and wants to give his audience a good show.Ray Pilgrim is woken from his nightmarish vision by his friend who said there is someone who wants to talk to him.Ray gets dress quickly to meet the man who tells him his daughter is making trouble by writing a blog saying she has evidence powerful people molested boys and girls for the past 20 years.They get into an altercation which is recorded by the man's accomplice.

Later Ray talks to his daughter and finds out she will have access to information which could bring down powerful people responsible for many rapes of children.Ray keeps getting vision of The Reaper.Ray gets a vision of three men hurting and then killing a man.Immediately he calls an old "friend".

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