So now DC Comics have gone through five incarnations of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA titles.Maybe they will let this last one go up to at LEAST 50 issues before another reboot.Anyways enough ranting so i can tell you about this rebirthed Justice League.

It came out of the result of the story from Justice league vs Suicide Squad. This title is written by Steve Orlando and penciled by Ivan Reis.Reis only worked on the first issue.This league consists of Batman,Lobo,The Ray,Black Canary,Vixen,Atom,and lastly Killer Frost.


                The first issue begins with the untested team separated by many miles.Batman and Vixen lament over the rather bleak future of this band of somewhat wannabe superHEROES as they scan the city of Gotham from a high rooftop.Meanwhile Black Canary and The Ray do their best get People to a safe distance from a fire.At the same moment Lobo talks to fire trolls about choosing to be a heroes as he battles them from his space bike somewhere along the pacific ocean.The Sancuary located in Happy Harbor Rhode Island is the current home of the formerly murderous still known as Killer Frost,and the team's home base.She helps the Atom to get their communications into working order.Frost fixes the comm online in time for the team to know The Extremists have arrived from their world to establish an iron clad hold on this world in their effort to "save" it from itself.They are frightening the citizens of Saratoga,New York.

             The leader of the Extremists is called Lord Havok and he weilds an impressive battleaxe.he controls his "captains" through various means like saving a couple of them from death.The other Extremists are :

                               Gorgon who uses his hair to grab objects and crush them.I guess his hair is quite strong.

                               Dreamslayer can get into your head and make you do things.I guess he is a high level telepath.He has no face.

                              Tracer's name gives away what he can do.He can track you from the faintest whiff of scent and for the largest distance.Also he appears to be quite strong.

                             Deathbird is a fierce fighter,and rides a pet which looks like a smallish dragon or a large pterodactyl.Deathbird is mostly sees a top her pet during battle.

                             Brute is the strongman of Lord Havok's group.he seems to have enormous strength and resistance to injury.Also he is the biggest.think the Thing or Hulk from Marvel.

                             Diehard is the BIG BROTHER of the team,and the one to speak out against their leader the most.He seems to be like Marvel's Magneto.He is able to control metal.

                            Batman and his team arrive at the scene, and confront Havok.They are are given an ultimatum to join or die, but both groups end up fighting each other.Havok gets the upper hand, but he does something unexpected he leaves the area much to the surprise of his opponents.