LAZARUS  was published on June 26, 2013 by Image Comics.

This wonderful series was created by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark in June of is filled with great stories and awesome art.The characters are constantly evolving and there are always new and varied scenery.

The Lazarus were created by a few families who together hold sway over nearly the whole world.Each lazarus are the commanders of armies and protectors of their family's possessions.The lazarus of this dystopian world is a genetically engineered cyborg super soldiers medically devoted to his or her family.A family typically occupies and so owns what is left of a former country like Canada or the U.S.

The main character is a lazarus by the name of Forever who thinks she is the daughter of the leader of probably used to be the United Sates.

The title revolves around one lazarus in particular:Forever Carlyle.

It is exciting from page one of the first issue.A man shoots a woman three times in close proximity, which should have killed her.The gunman is accompanied by two others who apparently are scavengers.They are ransacking the storeroom and eating some o the food when the woman gets up.She kills the gunman and directs the other men's weapons into each other which ends them.All this happens within less than a minute.The dialog going along with the action was Forever recounting the events with her so-called doctor.She feels bad about killing people stealing food to end their starvation.The doctor does not want her to feel for scavengers(You notice right from start the detailed work of Rucka and Lark).