Charismagic was a short series of six books created back in 2011.It lasted until 2012.This gem of a series was published by ASPEN.It was the brainchild of Vince Hernandez who was also the writer.The other writers are Emilio Lopez and Khary RandolphCharismagic follows the adventures of a magician by the name of Hank.He is helped by his beautiful assistant among others.

A large lizard swims past a glowing sign.A loud insistent voice beckons you into a world of magic.The voice belongs to a stage magician named Hank.He is surrounded by skimpily dressed show girls.He wows the audience with a disappearing act,but is stopped mid sentence in his gratitude to the audience by the surprise appearance of an old friend.

He goes to the home of his old friend, and is welcomed inside by said occupant.This friend taught Hank about magic many years ago.Though today there will be something of a brief history lesson involving a being made of magic.

Later in the book two archaeologists stand beside large statues in conversation. Soon they are fleeing from something coming through door connecting their world to another place.They manage to escape before a being of immense power arrived from that other place.