This is the second series of books on our nuclear powered hero published by DC Comics starting June of 1982.It was written by Jerry Conway and pencilled by Pat Broderick.Of Course it follows the further adventures of Firestorm also known as Ronald Raymond and Martin Stein.


The first issue start with our hero wanting to sleep weightless on a cloud high in the sky with his disembodied wise man warning against such action.Ronald does it anyways prompting his powers to switch off and his body to plummet earthward.He manages to change his body's density to be immaterial at the point of impact.A cop tries to arrest him so he simply flies away.When he nears his home the one super-being separates into the teenaged student Ronnie Raymond and the adult scientist Martin Stein.

Ronnie gets some sleep but is just as tired the next day.The next morning Ronnie gets ready for school even though he is slowed by fatigue.Meanwhile native American John Ravenhair is also getting ready to go to Ronnie's school,but to teach there.His great grandfather complains about the wite man's treatment of their people.The elderly man tells of their family's shamanistic black bison heritage.Before John leaves his house the great grandfather persuades him to wear a talisman.

 At school Ronnie and another student get into a heated argument which John Ravenhair stops quickly.